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June 19, 2021
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What is Medical Tourism?

medical tourism

Medical tourism is a phenomenon that’s been on the rise in recent years as more and more patients are searching for cheaper options to take care of their medical needs. Here, we’ll explore why this trend has become so popular among travelers, what exactly it entails-and answer some common questions about it. What does “medical tourism” mean?


What I’m going to say next might sound like an exaggeration but bear with me: There were approximately 1 million international visits from people seeking health treatment abroad during 2012 alone! In other words, around 3% of all Americans who traveled internationally last year also had something medically wrong with them when they left home.


One of the primary sources of revenue for the medical tourism industry is the number of people traveling abroad for healthcare services. One reason that there has been an increase in the number of medical tourists is the growing prevalence of obesity and other serious healthcare issues in many parts of the developing world. For example, many people travel abroad to Thailand for liposuction treatment. However, they do not realize that liposuction in Thailand is illegal without a special license. Therefore, instead of receiving their treatment legitimately, they pay the price in Thailand.


In addition to individuals who travel abroad for medical care, some companies specialize in offering healthcare services abroad. These companies tend to specialize in a particular medical service. For example, you will find several hospitals and other healthcare facilities that are located in Mexico. However, if you need an orthopedic procedure performed in Mexico, you would most likely go to Cancun, Mexico. Therefore, a travel clinic with a focus on offering healthcare services internationally can be very beneficial.


Many of these companies also have what are called “Bumrungrad” vans. These are vans that come to the destination that you are traveling to, and they will pick up your medical equipment for transportation to your hotel. The advantage to this is that you do not have to worry about the logistics of transporting the items; you simply get a van, hire a driver, and enjoy your trip. These companies have made it very easy for people to travel abroad, and for people to use the healthcare services that they need while they are abroad.


In conclusion, what is medical tourism? This is a concept that has been around for a long time. Basically, this refers to the willingness of a person or family to go somewhere else in order to receive medical care. In this case, the care is from a doctor that specializes in Southeast Asia. Medical tourism has been very successful in Thailand, and the future looks bright for travelers to Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries. Let Healthcare Adventures help with your travels.