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Dental Procedures

"Change your life one procedure at a time." Dental procedures in the US for the everyday person can be very expensive and out of reach. But that doesn't have to be the case! We offer dental procedures at affordable rates in locations all around the world, and we encourage you to change your life one procedure at a time!

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Cosmetic Surgery

Healthcare Adventures is a medical tourism company offering affordable, safe cosmetic surgery at top-quality providers in Latin and Central America. Medical tourism for plastic surgery has become the next trend with an increasing number of patients who want to travel to find the best surgeons for their procedure while seeing the world!

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Joint Replacement

Healthcare Adventures wants you to feel secure and confident that they are up-to-date with recent innovations when it comes to joint replacement surgeries. With a single episode costing over $$45-70,000 on average when done in America–we're here to show you a better life without the ulcerating financial burden. We can book flights from all major US airports and will help take care of details like passports, hotels while abroad, and surgeons specialized for your needs.

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Cardiac Procedures

The Healthcare Adventures team is passionate about giving patients access to the finest cardiac procedures without sacrificing quality. We have chosen locations around the world that are recognized as leaders in pursuing medical tourism for its utilization of cutting-edge technology and compassionate staff.

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